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Oftentimes, we experience harm from everyday life occurrences; well, ‘life happens’. Accidents are an example of these occurrences and they may come in the form of vehicle collisions, a simple slip at a public store, mental anguish, or being injured on the job.

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Philly Personal Injury AttorneyRegardless of how the injury was formed, the victim is often left to suffer the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of another’s actions and negligence.

Life happening is out of one’s control, however, what is in an individual’s control is obtaining proper legal representation as soon as the accident occurs.

Statute of Limitations – Time to File

One of the most important things to remember in personal injury cases is that timing is everything! Why is this important? The sooner one obtains legal representation after suffering from an accident, the more reliable the evidence and witness testimony will be, and the more likely the client will receive a more favorable recovery of the case.

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Should you talk to the insurance company?

In cases of personal injury, insurance companies often approach victims with a potential recovery or settlement amount.  It is important to disregard any recovery amount that the insurance company insists the victim is entitled to. If an insurance company approaches you with a potential settlement amount, it is monumental to seek counsel and representation for an independent and particular analysis of the facts of your case before agreeing to the insurance company’s amount.

You need a team of lawyers and staff dedicated to work diligently on any case to ensure that you will receive the best possible outcome from the case. Each case is studied with due diligence, accuracy, and with the closest consideration and examination of the evidence.

Get Medical Attention

The first priority is ensuring that you get the proper medical attention; then determine whether a viable case exists and the likelihood of the case’s success. An experienced and aggressive injury law firm will utilize years of experience and massive amounts of resources in order to fight strategically and aggressively for the client, and the aim is always to keep the client informed every step of the way.